Almost 200 years of practical experience in financial markets – delivered by recognised experts in just two and a half days.

Didasko Markets


7th - 9th October 2021
Marriott Marble Arch

A Practical History of Financial Markets

A Practical History of Financial Markets is designed, written and taught by leading investment practitioners: Stephen Wright, Derry Pickford, John Greenwood OBE, Peter Warburton, Herman Brodie and Russell Napier. These teachers deliver the course in an intensive two day session (usually Thursday to Friday).

We have added a half-day session (Saturday morning) to accommodate guest lectures by Jon Compton and Edward Chancellor along with a lecture by Russell Napier on the global outlook seen through the prism of financial history.

  • In June 2020, the course will be delivered in association with the University of Edinburgh Business School as a dynamic 2.5 day, (non-accredited) Masterclass. This will be taught by the same leading investment practitioners and held on-site at the University of Edinburgh Business School providing easy access to the latest innovative thinking and the opportunity to collaborate and network with like-minded peers.
  • The course also forms one unit of the Edinburgh Business School (Heriot Watt University) MBA programme and is available as a distance learning version comprised of a 700-page textbook and a website containing self-test questions, teachers’ feedback and additional materials.
  • CFA Institute members are encouraged to self-document their continuing professional development activities in their online CE tracker and CISI members who attend the course are able to claim 27 CPD hours.

Launched in 2004, the course is owned and operated by Didasko – The Financial Education Company, a Scottish charity founded for the promotion of financial education.



“A concise and well-organised course that puts today’s frenetic financial markets into context in a unique fashion.

It cannot but help to improve the decision-making process of the investment professional. An essential course for both aspiring and established investment managers.”

Henry Thornton – CEO
BDT Investment Management Ltd

“A Practical History of Financial Markets takes on some of the more important, and more daunting, questions in finance and investments.

Using a broad historical context and a diverse range of analytical approaches, the course puts standard precepts such as ‘investment value’ under the spotlight, with sometimes unexpected results.

I find myself thinking back regularly to what I learned on this course – and then applying it.”

Andrew Howell CFA
Emerging Markets Strategist

“The only course I recommend to my fund managers. It invigorated me.”

Ian Beattie – Chief Investment Officer

New Star Institutional Managers Ltd