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The online version of our professional level in-person course.

Didasko’s renowned Practical History of Financial Markets will be available in coming weeks as an online course for both finance professionals and non-professional students.

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We've teamed up with Heriot-Watt University to provide our unique course as an online module available to anyone, anytime, wherever you live. Engaging and informative, and yet both practical and useful, this course will equip participants with a deep foundational knowledge, lead to a keen understanding of the workings of financial markets, and help guide their decisions and activities.

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Written and presented by leading academics, senior economists and investment practitioners, and hosted by one of the UK’s leading business schools, the course covers key areas including equity valuations, economics, behavioural finance and liquidity.

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Professional level expertise

If you’re a professional in financial markets wanting a fuller, holistic understanding of their workings, or someone who’s interested in financial markets and would like a professional-level understanding of how they operate, then this is the course for you. 


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“The only course I recommend to my fund managers. It invigorated me.”

Ian Beattie
NS Partners

“An invaluable practical insight into the human failings of capital markets and the perfect complement for today’s aspiring investors.”

Stuart Paul ~ Chief Investment Officer

“I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve his or her understanding of investing.”

Mark Tyndall ~ co-founder
Artemis Investment Management Ltd

"I find myself thinking back regularly to what I learned on this course – and then applying it"

"A concise and well-organised course that puts today’s frenetic financial markets into context in a unique fashion. It cannot but help to improve the decision-making process of the investment professional."

"The best and most valuable two days I have spent outside the office in twenty years."

"An invaluable practical insight into the human failings of capital markets and, in many ways, the perfect complement to the theoretical training prescribed for today’s aspiring investors. It also happens to be superb value for money.”


Frequently Asked Questions

As an online course, it can be taken as and when you want and over a timeframe that suits your lifestyle. With almost 18 hours of video lectures delivered by our expert team, self-test questions and additional readings, the syllabus covers five key areas of financial markets theory, workings and history.

  1. Understanding the main methodologies for valuing equities
  2. The effect of money and liquidity on financial markets
  3. How human behaviour can affect the workings of financial markets
  4. How inflationary expectations can affect financial markets
  5. What the history of financial markets can teach us, and what the future might hold

As an educational charity we are charging a very competitive £1,000 for the course which we believe is affordable for a wide range of potential students while also helping us recuperate costs and invest in our charitable activities — we have given close to £200,000 to charitable endeavours since our foundation.

No. To help you embed what you have learned there are self-test questions included. However the course is designed to engage students in the subject through expert teaching rather than measuring success through testing.

The short answer is no. The course is similar in content and understanding to a university level module, but is built from the bottom up and is easily accessible. No matter what your day job, at the end of the course you can expect to have a significant understanding of how financial markets work.

Absolutely – the course is designed for a wide variety of uses including for those who work in the finance sector. It's a great introduction to financial markets for those who might not work directly in this area but who want a knowledge of the topic so that they can more fully understand the industry in which they are employed.

The course is designed to deliver valuable professional development to those who work in financial markets – indeed, it is recognised by both CFA UK and CISI for CPD purposes. We take a novel and engaging approach to the development and uses of financial markets, so no matter what your job or whether you've studied the subject beforehand this course will prove extremely educational and useful to you.

We are delighted to be able to offer this course through Heriot-Watt's executive education programme. While the course is written and designed by Didasko, our place in the university’s offering is testament to the quality of the content and learning outcomes.


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