Cost & Examinations


The current cost of the two and a half day course in the UK is £1,750 (plus VAT) and the two day Toronto course will cost $3,700 CAD.

The distance-learning option costs £1,000 (plus VAT) and the course is run by the Edinburgh Business School. The teaching is not recorded but is accessed on-line or provided by a textbook. There is an exam fee of £160 with and additional fee of £55.00 if students would like a hard copy of the teaching materials.


As part of the Edinburgh Business School MBA programme, examinations will be offered twice per annum. A pass in The Practical History of Financial Markets course will provide students with one of the nine credits required to achieve MBA status. CFA charter holders already qualify for two exemptions from EBS MBA exams, and thus a course pass will take them one third of the way to an MBA.