“The only course I recommend to my fund managers. It invigorated me.”

Ian Beattie – Chief Investment Officer
New Star Institutional Managers Ltd


“A Practical History of Financial Markets takes on some of the more important, and more daunting, questions in finance and investments. Using a broad historical context and a diverse range of analytical approaches, the course puts standard precepts such as ‘investment value’ under the spotlight, with sometimes unexpected results. I find myself thinking back regularly to what I learned on this course – and then applying it."

Andrew Howell CFA – Emerging Markets Strategist


“A concise and well-organised course that puts today’s frenetic financial markets into context in a unique fashion. It cannot but help to improve the decision-making process of the investment professional. An essential course for both aspiring and established investment managers.”

Henry Thornton – CEO
BDT Investment Management Ltd


“The best and most valuable two days I have spent outside the office in twenty years (holidays excepted). In a field which remains mired in short-termism and brevity of memory, all aspiring and experienced fund managers should attend this course. They will gain the invaluable advantage of historical perspective.“

Sebastian Lyon – Managing Director
Troy Asset Management and manager of Personal Assets Trust


“An invaluable practical insight into the human failings of capital markets and, in many ways, the perfect complement to the theoretical training prescribed for today’s aspiring investors. It also happens to be superb value for money!”

Stuart Paul – Chief Investment Officer
Stewart Investors


“A Practical History of Financial Markets is a course not only for the MBA students in the finance stream, but for any MBA student who is interested in investing in the financial markets. Russell Napier and his team of highly regarded lecturers and practitioners do a superb job of making this a practical, applicable and very interesting course.“

Christian Vaatz – MBA Student


"History’s predictive powers are considerable. This course helps us understand them, and then apply these lessons to investment management today. I would recommend A Practical History to anyone who wants to improve his or her understanding of investing."

Mark Tyndall – co-founder
Artemis Investment Management Ltd